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Types of HVAC Systems

Types of HVAC Systems

There are several HVAC system types available, each with a specific purpose and climate in mind. Your home’s age, location, and current ductwork are all important considerations when choosing the kind of HVAC system you need. You should also evaluate your heating and cooling requirements. The kind of system that best suits your demands may also be determined with the assistance of your HVAC specialist. In order to assist you in your search, the following HVAC system types and their functions are listed:

Split System

A split system, often called a forced-air system, consists of an exterior unit and an interior unit. An air handler and heat pump, a furnace and heat pump, or an air handler and air conditioner may make up this configuration. Your location will determine which arrangement works best for your house. For instance, very cold locations are ideal for the furnace and heat pump combination.

Hybrid Heat Pump System

In this instance, a central heating boiler and an electric heat pump are both part of the central heating system. The heat pump provides warmth for the house throughout the gentler seasons, such as spring and autumn. When the temperature drops too much for a heat pump to function well, the furnace kicks in. This hybrid system, often referred to as a dual-fuel system, is more cost-effective than a furnace since it uses a heat pump instead of a furnace to heat the house.

Ductless Mini-Split System

According to the Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration Institute, a ductless mini-split system consists of an exterior unit housing the compressor and condenser and an interior air handler positioned in the room that directs the cooled air into the space. Although they aren’t appropriate for whole-house applications, these ductless systems operate best in tiny areas like garages and workshops where a standard split system isn’t needed. These systems are usually easy enough for homeowners to install on their own.

Ducted Mini-Split System

A ducted mini-split system transfers air from an exterior compressor and condenser into a room using tubes rather than bigger ducts. Homes with limited space for conventional ducting are best suited for this method. Better air circulation is one benefit of ducted mini-split systems over ductless ones.

Packaged System

All of the components of a split system are present in a packed system, but they are all stored outside. Homes without enough interior room for a heating unit benefit most from this. Even so, because a packaged system only requires one unit to install and is quieter due to its outside location, it may still be worth considering if you have the room for a split system.

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