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Lighting Installation AlbuquerqueLighting Installation Albuquerque

We care about our homes. We want them to look great. At Day & Night Plumbing, Heating & Cooling, we work hard for this. We make homes brighter and safer. We make them more fun to live in. We install lights for homeowners. Big project or small, we have what you need.

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One Light at a Time

Home is our safe place. We want to make it safer. We can work on the inside. We can work on the outside too. Our design fits your budget. And it fits your property too. Worried about costs? We can help. We install lights that save energy. We can even install solar lamps. They’re good for your wallet and the planet.

Where do we save money? In our installation and repair services. We use good quality materials. Your lighting project will go beyond expectations.

What are our lighting services? We have many, like:

  • General lighting
  • Outdoor lighting
  • Indoor lighting
  • Accent lighting
  • Security lighting
  • And even more

Share your ideas with us. Let’s do some work on your home. We’ll change how it looks and feels. We’ll make it safer and improve its value. Don’t forget about comfort. All with lighting.

The people who work for Day & Night Plumbing, Heating & Cooling are pros. We trust them. We have checked them out. They follow the rules and do their job well. You’ll see what we mean. From the start, it’s all about quality. We won’t let you down. Elsewhere, it’s just not the same.


Your home’s lights matter. They’re not just for seeing. They set the mood. Dreaming of a lower energy bill? We can help.

Our team can check your home. Or your office. We’ll see what’s wrong. We’ll plan how to fix it. We could make it more efficient. How? We’ve got a few ways. We can choose more energy-efficient lights. Or we can just use fewer lights.

Imagine a room. It has many small lights. What if we replace them? A single, powerful light could work. This way, some small, expensive lights can go.


We can also rewire. Control where and when you need more light. It’s all up to you.

Got any questions? Call us. Let’s discuss your options.

Installing new lights? Repairing the old ones? We’ve got you. Our team can take care of it. We’re skilled. We’re qualified. Your lights are in safe hands.

We don’t just install lights. We make beautiful landscapes. For your home’s inside and outside. Your guests will love it. So will you. It’ll be safe. It’ll be visible. It’ll be useful.


Plan to improve your lights? Need repairs right now? Just give us a call. Dial 505-974-5797. Schedule an appointment.

You can afford our services. We’re budget-friendly. We’re experts too. At Day & Night Plumbing, Heating & Cooling, we value bright ideas. And we turn them into reality.

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