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The Ultimate List of AC Maintenance & Albuquerque Home Cooling Strategies – Part Two

The Ultimate List of AC Maintenance & Albuquerque Home Cooling Strategies - Part Two
The Ultimate List of AC Maintenance & Albuquerque Home Cooling Strategies – Part Two


Every Albuquerque home is different – but for those needing a new solution to help keep the property cool during the heat of the summer, today’s guide covers some of the most crucial things you need to know about your property’s air conditioning systems. After all, while Albuquerque home cooling can often seem difficult, this shouldn’t have to be the case.

Key Albuquerque Home Cooling Strategies You Need to Know

Have you been looking for new ways to keep the temperature in your property comfortable and cool? If this is something you’ve been struggling with, don’t panic; a few simple steps can help cool your home or keep existing ACs in good condition.

#1 Check the AC’s Features

First, it’s well worth checking whether your choice of air con unit is suitable for the property. Indeed, although many people just assume that any AC will do the job, this isn’t wholly true.

The reality is that many appliances are optimized with varying scenarios and applications in mind. Thereby, it’s integral to check the capabilities and strengths of each system.

If you’re looking for the most versatile option here, a whole-house fan could be what you need. These are designed to help extract hot air from the attic while simultaneously drawing cool air into the property.

#2 Utilize Windows Carefully

In many cases, simple solutions can be among the most reliable – and, with this thought in mind, don’t overlook the value of opening your windows when the weather turns hot! Indeed, opening the windows (alongside using your air con system) can be a great way to help cool your home and quickly allow hot air to escape, preventing the environment from becoming too uncomfortable.

However, while opening your windows can be a good way to let hot air out, it’s not necessarily a foolproof solution. During the hottest times of day, you may want to cover these with a drape to prevent heat from entering the property; and, when tackling difficulties with Albuquerque home cooling, try to also find and block off any air leaks.

One of the simplest options for this is to light a candle and follow the trail of the smoke; if everything else in your home is still, this could help you find gaps resulting in air leaks.

#3 Check the Insulation

It’s easy to assume that a property’s insulation only relates to keeping things warm – but this can also be important for your air conditioning system. Indeed, any condensation on the exterior of your unit’s lines can cause reduced efficiency, making the system less effective and efficient accordingly.

#4 Inspect the Fins

As part of your AC maintenance, checking the fins regularly is highly important. In line with this, you may want to try separating any bent fins you notice. While there are many potential techniques you could consider for this purpose, fin combs are often one of the easiest.

#5 Dedicate Yourself to a Deep Clean

Cleaning your AC regularly is important. But, from time to time, you’ll want to take things a step further with a deep clean instead. A plastic bristle brush and foam cleansing agent will often do wonders here. Be careful not to damage any of the finer parts of your air con unit while cleaning, though; a gentle hand and a slow but steady approach will usually work best for this.

#6 Don’t Be Afraid of Troubleshooting

This tip might seem like a strange one; after all, we’re often told that DIY electrical repairs should be avoided (and that’s very true). However, there’s nothing wrong with doing a little troubleshooting to see what the issue might be. In doing so, you can help your HVAC team understand more about what they’re dealing with, making it easier to identify the issue – potentially even saving you a little money.

An alternative option, if you are trained and qualified in electrical repairs, might be to fix the system individually. If you go down this route, though, ensure you’ve taken all necessary precautions first to do the job safely; if you aren’t trained in electrical repairs, it’s not worth risking the issue worsening!

#7 Upgrade the Unit

If all else fails, it may be worth asking your local HVAC team whether replacing the system might be a good option. Indeed, running an inefficient or faulty AC can be a false economy. And, in some cases, it could even put the property at risk of an electrical fire breaking out. It’s just not worth the worry.

Final Thoughts

Every unit has unique challenges. Thus, AC maintenance isn’t necessarily a straightforward process. However, with the right approach to Albuquerque home cooling, you can ensure that your property remains cool and comfortable going forward.

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