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The Nitty Gritty of Professional Drain Cleaning Services

The Nitty Gritty of Professional Drain Cleaning Services

Calling drain cleaning professionals like Day & Night Plumbing is a smart move when you have clogged drains.

Professional drain cleaners fix clogs fully. They look at the whole problem. They clear current clogs. They help stop future ones too.

Here’s what drain cleaners will do step-by-step:

Inspect Drains First

First, drain cleaners inspect the clogged drains.

They use special cameras and tools. These show them where the clog is. And why it happened.

Knowing the cause is important. It helps them pick the best way to clear it.Drain cameras go down inside pipes. They take video of the clogs. This lets cleaners see the clog type and location.

Other tools check water flow and pipe condition. They help find if the pipes have other issues.This detailed inspection takes time. But it gives crucial information. It makes fixing the clog easier.

Clear the Clog

Next, they clear the clog.

They use special tools for this. Drain snakes push through gunk. High-pressure water blasts it away.

The method depends on the clog. Where it is and what it’s made of. Drain snakes are long bendy cables. They are pushed into the pipe. Turning the cable breaks up the clog.

Hydro jetting uses super strong water pressure. The fast moving water scours pipes clean. It blows clogs away fully. Chemicals may help dissolve clogs too. Caustic agents break down materials. Detergents scrub gunk away.

Each method has pros and cons. Drain cleaners know which will work best.

Clean the Pipes

Drain cleaners also clean the pipes.

They scrape gunk off pipe walls. They wash pipes thoroughly too.

This removes build-up. It helps stop future clogs. Pipes get gunky over time. Grease and soap build up inside. Tiny scraps get stuck on walls. Hard water leaves mineral deposits.

Letting gunk stay can make new clogs. So cleaners scrub it all away. They use scrapers, brushes, and jets. Chemical cleansers help dissolve gunk also.

Thorough cleaning leaves pipes pristine. Water flows freely again.

Advise on Prevention

Good drain cleaners explain how to prevent clogs.

They say what not to put in drains. Like grease or coffee grounds. They share tips to maintain drains. Use screens. Flush with hot water.

Drain cleaners want to teach good habits. So you need them less often. They’ll say avoid pouring grease down sinks. Compost food scraps instead. Use strainers to catch bits.

And flush drains weekly with hot water. This maintains flow and prevents buildup. Listen to their tips. Make them part of your routine. It will really help.

Schedule Future Cleanings

Drain cleaners say when you’ll likely need service again. How often depends on your pipes and use.

Regular cleanings keep drains clear. They stop small problems from getting big.

Your pipes and how you use them matter. If pipes are older, they need more care. Newer pipes don’t need as much yet. Homes with big families or heavy use need more drain service. Clogs happen faster with lots of use.

Drain cleaners consider all this. Then they suggest a service schedule.  Sticking to it means fewer emergency clogs down the road.

Expect a Complete Service

Hiring drain cleaners gets complete service:

  • Inspection to find the clog
  • Clearing the current clog
  • Cleaning pipes thoroughly
  • Tips to prevent future clogs
  • Schedule of regular maintenance

This keeps drains fully functional. It prevents future problems.

When you call drain cleaners, you want the clog gone for good. A quick snake to clear the clog isn’t enough. That will just clog again soon.

You need full service: diagnosing why it clogged, removing all blockage, cleaning the pipes completely, and advice to prevent another. This comprehensive approach fixes drains fully. It keeps them working great for long after.

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