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Smart Tips to Know and Follow to Prevent Your Albuquerque Swamp Cooler from Failing

Smart Tips to Know and Follow to Prevent Your Albuquerque Swamp Cooler from Failing Day and Night Plumbing 505-974-5797

There are several basic maintenance procedures that you can undertake on your cooler to guarantee that it continues to function correctly and operates at the highest possible level. To begin, you will need to remove outdated evaporative pads and clean the pad frames. After that, you will need to empty the reservoir and remove any scale that has formed by scraping it. It would help if you made sure that the pump screen, the water distribution tubes, and the pump impeller are all clean before you begin cleaning your water distribution system.

You should examine the belt to ensure that there are no signs of excessive wear, and you should also inspect the electrical wiring to ensure that there are no frayed wires or bad connections. After completing all these tests, you need to ensure that the entire cooling pad is soaked in water before turning on the water supply. This will allow you to achieve the highest possible level of effectiveness. With these easy maintenance activities, give your evaporative cooler the attention it needs at the beginning of a warm season. It should give you reliable service throughout the warm season.

Evaporative coolers in Albuquerque,

NM requires more regular maintenance than other cooling systems, but the technology involved is straightforward. If something isn’t quite right, there is a good chance you can solve the issue on your own so that the cooler will function properly once more. The following is a list of the most typical problems that occur with evaporative coolers, as well as the procedures that may be taken to remedy these issues before contacting a technician:

Very little to no airflow:

In most cases, a problem with the power supply is the cause of inadequate air flow or decreased airflow. It is essential to inspect the breakers and fuses to determine whether they have tripped or blown. If this is the problem, you will need to check the fuse and, if required, replace it. You will also need to reset the breaker. If you do not have exhaust ducts installed, you should leave a window cracked open to compensate for the reduced air movement caused by the absence of exhaust. Evaporative coolers in Albuquerque, New Mexico, need access to external air to function correctly. Air conditioners do not have this need. The overheating and subsequent shutting down of motors is another failure associated with this issue. If this occurs, you will need to purchase a new engine. To restore airflow, belts and thermostats may need to be replaced.

The air is not refreshing:

If the air coming out of your cooler is not chilly, the problem is probably caused by the water system. It will not be feasible for the cooler to produce cold air if the pads are not adequately saturated with water. Check the cushions to determine whether they can still hold water; if they are either brand new or in good working order, you can activate the water pump. Check to see if there are any obstructions in the tubes or problems with the valves since both problems might prevent water from reaching the pads.

Use of water in excessive amounts:

There may be nothing wrong with the operation of your cooler, but there is one issue: it never has any water in it. If the water storage tank always must be refilled, this indicates a leak somewhere else in the system. Because there are several places from which a leak might originate, it is probably in your best interest to get in touch with a specialist to have the problem identified and fixed. Typically, the water valves are the root of the situation in a scenario like this.


Due to the arid environment in Albuquerque, this is an issue that may occur in only an exceedingly few instance. When evaporative coolers produce scents, the problem is frequently traced back to the water pan being left to sit for an extended period. Because there is nowhere to go, it will become still and stagnant, and the consequences of the newly formed germs will be felt all over your house or place of business. The pan and the reservoir should have their water drained before being cleaned with chlorine. After you have completed that task, there should be no smells left.


Corrosion will appear inside your cooler if it is not cleaned every six months, which will eventually affect its ability to perform its intended purpose. This is especially likely if the mineral content of your water source is high. You may extend the life of your cooler by purchasing a water softener and maintaining frequent cleaning of it. At the very least, this will make the corrosion process slower and help your cooler live longer.

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