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Reasons Your Albuquerque Plumbing Pipes Makes a Clunking Noise When You Turn On Your Faucet

Reasons Your Albuquerque Faucet Makes a Clunking Noise When You Turn it On


Turning on your faucet makes a clunk. This can alarm you. Have a pro check this fast. Stop pipe damage.

Day & Night Plumbing helps you know plumbing issues. But get a pro for repairs. We offer great warranties. And financing options to fix pipes today.

Water pressure, venting, old parts, and water hammers cause this. Read on to know why your faucet knocks when turned on or off.

The Common Cases

Loud Thumping All the Time

You may have two issues if knocking is constant:

  • Your water meter is bad or too small.
  • Your water pressure is too high.

A plumber can find the problem. High pressure makes water turbulent. It hits your pipes loudly.

Check your pressure with a gauge. It should be 40-80 PSI. If not, your valve needs fixing or replacing. A pro plumber can help.

Loud Thumping Sometimes

If knocking only happens sometimes, your pipe straps may be too tight. Pipes expand and shrink. They expand with hot water. And shrink when cooling. You won’t hear noise after minutes.

This happens more with CPVC pipes. They are for hot water. CPVC pipes expand and shrink with temperature. Have a plumber loosen the straps and openings.

Fast Knocking

Fast knocking when turning on the faucet means trapped air. Open all faucets. Flush all toilets. Wait 5 minutes. Water pushes out air. If noise stays, call a pro.

Knocking When Turning Off

Pipes shake when turning off the faucet. You have “water hammer.” This happens when fast water hits a closed valve. It occurs when turning off faucets, toilet refilling, or washer filling.

Old homes (pre-1960s) have “T-shaped” air valves. They cushion water hammers. But they can fill with water. And stop working.

If your home is old:

  • Turn off main water.
  • Open highest and lowest faucets. Drain out water.
  • Close lower faucet. Turn water back on.
  • Let top faucet run until sputtering stops.
  • Air in valves is restored.

New homes need water hammer arrestors. They absorb water hammer shocks. They are small and spring-loaded. To install one, splice the pipe near the knocks. A pro can help splice pipes.

Stop Faucet Noises

You don’t need noisy faucets. Call Day & Night Plumbing at 505-974-5797. Or contact us online. We keep Albuquerque pipes healthy. And beyond.

We serve Albuquerque, Rio Rancho, and Greater Albuquerque. We offer fast and friendly service. Our plumbers are local experts. They have years of experience.

We understand frustrating faucet issues. Like clunking, knocking, and shaking. We diagnose plumbing problems. And make proper repairs. So you have quiet, smooth-running faucets. Plus pipes that operate safely for years.

Contact us anytime your faucet acts up. We respond quickly to repair requests. We want your plumbing operating perfectly. And your home life hassle-free.

Our plumbers arrive on time. They protect your home from damage. And keep repiping mess to a minimum. We clean up thoroughly after finishing the job.

We have affordable solutions for every budget. Check out our special offers online. See how you can save money on needed plumbing repairs.

We stand behind our workmanship. We offer warranties on new parts and labor. This guarantees your satisfaction long-term. If repairs fail down the road, we will make things right.

We understand plumbing emergencies happen anytime. We are available 24/7 to help you. Even nights, weekends, and holidays. Call our emergency hotline for immediate response.

Common reasons your faucet clunks:

  • Water pressure too high or too low
  • Clogged water supply lines
  • Old worn washers and gaskets
  • Mineral buildup in pipes
  • Loose components that need tightening
  • Bad water control valves
  • Cross-threaded connections
  • Improper venting

Our plumbers check all these issues. We troubleshoot thoroughly to find the source. And we educate you on the problem. So you can make a well-informed repair decision.

We fix faucet leaks fast. Dripping wastes water and damages property. Leaky pipes erode and burst. Causing major flooding and ruined walls or floors.

Don’t wait until small drips turn into huge headaches. Contact us right away for repairs. We respond ASAP to prevent extensive home damage.

We Install Low-Flow Faucets

Do you want an eco-friendly faucet upgrade? Ask about our low-flow faucet installation service. New water-efficient faucets reduce waste. And lower your utility bills.

Our plumbers remove old fixtures properly. We replace with new low-flow faucets fast. With minimal disruption to your home. Enjoy instant water savings and environmental benefits. While preserving full water pressure.

Low-flow faucets come in many styles. Including touch-free options for kitchens. We help you choose the right model for each area. For optimal function, beauty, and savings.

Contact us today for professional faucet solutions. We give free estimates on all jobs. Answer questions and explain repair options. Provide upfront pricing so you know costs ahead of time.

Call now to stop annoying faucet noises. And get back to quiet operation. Our skilled plumbers fix the issue properly the first time. We back repairs with strong warranties for your peace of mind.

Rely on us for all your plumbing needs. Big or small. We handle every type of home repair and upgrade. With quality work and friendly customer care. Give us a call today.

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