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Reasons Why Your Albuquerque AC Coil Freezes and How to Fix the Problem

For residents of Albuquerque to find some relief from the scorching summer heat, both homes and businesses in the city need to have air conditioning. It is common to experience aggravation, discomfort, and annoyance whenever the central air conditioner is not operating at its optimal level of performance. Frozen coils on an air conditioning unit are a typical occurrence; nevertheless, when this occurs, it almost always signals a problem with the system that needs to be repaired by a qualified HVAC technician. Because there are a variety of factors that might contribute to the freezing of the coil, the plumbing experts here at Day and Night would like to discuss some of the most typical reasons why coils freeze up.

The Coolant Seems to be Leaking

Low coolant levels are frequently the result of leaks in the lines that carry the refrigerant or in the coils. Leaking refrigerant causes additional wear and tear on the air conditioner and reduces its capacity to keep the home at a comfortable temperature. A trained technician will be required to locate the source of the leak in the air conditioning system, carry out the necessary repairs, and then bring the refrigerant levels back up to where they should be according to the requirements of the unit.

Outdoor Temperatures

For the central cooling system to successfully remove heat from home, warm ambient temperatures are required. If the temperature outside is lower than 62 degrees Fahrenheit, the cooling system will not function properly, resulting in ice building on the system’s coils. It is in your best interest to reprogram the thermostat for your air conditioner to turn off the air conditioning during the warmer months.

Poor Air Circulation

  • Air conditioning units must have a steady airflow to work properly. Problems with airflow may be brought on by any one of the following factors:
  • Disorganization that prevents access to the supply registers
  • The air ducts are either not properly sealed, or they have leaks.
  • The filters have grown clogged to the point where they either need to be cleaned or replaced.
  • There is a blockage in the dampers or gates.
  • The air ducts are obstructed because of dust or other material.

AC Ventilation Blower Fan That Doesn’t Work

The blower fans force the warm air into the coils and air ducts, and these components are then responsible for distributing cooled air throughout the entire house. If the fan stops working, transferring heat is halted, and ice develops on the coils where it is being transferred.

The Evaporator Coil Is Filthy

A significant amount of dust and debris may amass in the central heating and cooling system, which may become trapped in the ductwork or the air filter. Over time, a buildup of dirt and other particles will occur. It is difficult for the refrigerant to take in heat because of the dirt between the coils and the frozen condensate on the coils. This results in a limited amount of heat transfer.

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If you find frozen coils on the coils, you should immediately turn off the air conditioner and examine the filters to determine whether they cause the problem. If the filters are not the problem, then the iced coils are the problem. If the filters are not the problem and the iced coils continue to be a problem, call the professionals at Day and Night Plumbing, Heating, Cooling, and Drains LLC at 505-974-5797 and let our qualified experts assist you.

Our trained professionals have undergone extensive training and certification, possessing the necessary experience and expertise to guarantee that the repairs, as well as any other services about central air conditioning systems, are carried out with quality workmanship.

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