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Preventive Steps to Keep Your Albuquerque Drains Clean

Preventive Steps to Keep Your Albuquerque Drains Clean


Maintaining clean, clog-free drains involves more than just regular professional drain cleaning services. It also requires taking proactive preventive measures to reduce the likelihood of clogs forming in the first place.

Being careful what goes in drains helps. Simple new habits work great. They keep drains and plumbing working right. They make calling drain cleaners less needed.

Watch What Goes Down Drains

Watch what you put down sinks and drains. Some stuff causes clogs over time. Fats, oils, grease, grounds, and chunky bits are bad.

Grease and cooking oil residue, for instance, can congeal and solidify within your drain pipes, gradually forming a thick, sticky substance that easily traps other passing debris. Coffee grounds from brewed coffee can collect in drains and also cause incremental blockages.

The same goes for disposed fibrous foods like celery sticks, artichoke leaves, onion skins, potato peels, and other produce pulp and fibers, which can snag and accumulate in drain pipes.

To prevent serious clogs from these substances, refrain from pouring fats/oils directly down any drain, and avoid putting coffee grounds or fibrous food waste into your garbage disposal. Always try to collect and dispose of these types of debris and residues in your main trash bin instead.

Use Drain Screens

Put drain screens in sinks. Use them in tubs too. They stop stuff before it goes down.

Screens catch bits of food and hair. They keep pipes clearer longer. Use them in kitchen sinks when doing dishes. Use them in bath drains too.

Clean screens a lot. Don’t let them get clogged up.

Rinse with Hot Water

Rinse sinks, tubs, and showers with hot water. Do this after use each time.

Hot water dissolves grease and gunk. It clears soap scum too. Use the hottest water you can.

Rinse after cooking and dishes especially. Rinse after baths too. The water flushes stuff away. It keeps drains cleaner.

Use Natural Cleaners

Use natural drain cleaner sometimes. Do this between calling pros.

Baking soda and vinegar work great. Put baking soda in the drain first. Then add vinegar after. They bubble up and break up gunk.

Let it sit for 15-20 minutes. It will clean the pipes. Then rinse with hot water after. Do this once a month.

Stop Clogs with Habits

Doing these things will help a lot:

  • Be choosy about what goes in drains.
  • Use drain screens and catchers.
  • Rinse with hot water after use.
  • Clean drains naturally sometimes.

These easy habits will keep drains working great. They reduce needing drain cleaners. Next time your drain clogs, remember prevention. Take these steps now before calling a plumber! It is just as key as drain cleaning.

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