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HVAC Maintenance Tips for Fall and Winter Everyone Should Follow

HVAC Maintenance Tips for Fall and Winter Everyone Should Follow (1)

As the fall season arrives, it is the high time for us to do a routine inspection on the HVAC system. Along with that, we will also need to proceed with HVAC maintenance. Then you can keep peace of mind as your heating system is ready to help you get through the colder months. From this article, we will share 10 effective HVAC maintenance tips that you can keep in mind to ensure it.

Replace your Air Filter

The function of your air filter is to capture big particles that would otherwise settle on and harm delicate heating and cooling systems. A high-efficiency filter helps to enhance indoor air quality by eliminating tiny airborne contaminants.

The filter becomes clogged with hair, dust, dirt, textile fibers, and other airborne pollutants over time. Although you desire this, an excessively clogged filter may impede airflow, causing your furnace to work harder and increasing your heating costs. Remember to change the filter every one to three months to avoid this.

Adjust the Thermostat to Save Energy

It’s time to go from cooling to heating mode as winter draws near. When you do, you may also want to modify your thermostat settings to better save energy and fit your seasonal tastes. These are important things to keep in mind:

  • Don’t let the temperature at home get beyond 70 degrees. To ensure your comfort, dress for the cold.
  • If you want to sleep at night or go away for the whole day, set the temperature between 60 and 62 degrees. You can set a programmable thermostat and forget about it.
  • Try not to change any of your pre-programmed settings. Before you touch the thermostat, wrap yourself warmly in a blanket or put on additional layer if you’re feeling chilly.
  • If you have to change the temperature, just do it by one or two degrees. Raising the thermostat to 80 degrees won’t make your house any warmer any quicker and will just lead to energy waste when the temperature rises over your comfort zone.

Keep the Air Vents Clean

Inspect each room’s air registers. Do the grilles have any dust? If so, use the brush attachment while vacuuming them to increase airflow. Next, see whether there are any supply and return vents concealed by drapes, carpets, or furniture. Clear these obstacles to allow optimal airflow.

The thought of saving money makes it attractive to seal the vents in unoccupied rooms. But doing so may disturb the equilibrium of airflow, leading to more wear and tear and higher energy costs. Because of this, it’s critical to constantly have at least 80% of your registers open.

Seal Off Ductwork

Because hot air leaks into unconditioned rooms behind walls and above ceilings, leaky air ducts may be very inefficient. But, in spite of its name, duct tape should never be used to seal ducts. Employ an HVAC contractor for expert ductwork sealing for the finest outcomes. By making this purchase, you’ll lower your heating expenses, increase indoor air quality, and create a more pleasant living space.

Avoid Heating Your Home in Fire

Every year, about 48,000 residential fires are caused by heating equipment. Use these suggestions to keep your family safe this winter:

  • Keep flammable objects three feet or less away from heat sources, such as water heaters, furnaces, fireplaces, and space heaters.
  • Space heaters should never be left running alone.
  • Keep space heaters away from extension cables.

In the event that you detect any odd sounds or smells, turn off the furnace and contact an HVAC professional.

Inspect the Furnace Flue

Back drafting, a hazardous condition that increases your exposure to carbon monoxide gas, may be caused by a clogged flue. Make sure nothing is obstructing the exhaust vent outdoors before turning on your furnace for the first time in autumn. You may have the flue cleaned by an HVAC specialist if it is internally obstructed.

Don’t Store Things in the Utility Room

Because your furnace requires space to “breathe,” nothing should be stored within ten to fifteen feet of the device. Your utility closet, excluding your HVAC equipment, should stay vacant if it is less than this. Anything combustible should be kept out of reach, especially paint and paint thinner cans, cleaning materials, cosmetics, and aerosol sprays.

Check the CO and Smoke Detectors in your Room

These safety gadgets assist in warning your loved ones in the event of a fire or carbon monoxide leak. Once a month, check the functionality of your detectors and alarms. Additionally, change the batteries once a year. In any case, never take the batteries out of a chirping CO detector or smoke alarm without putting them back in!

Stick to a Professional HVAC Maintenance Schedule

While many autumn HVAC maintenance tasks are doable by yourself, only a qualified expert can do a comprehensive inspection, cleaning, and tune-up. Experts in the field advise arranging for expert furnace and air conditioning repair each autumn and spring.

Annual HVAC maintenance is intended to keep the system operating efficiently and identify minor issues early on before they become more serious issues. You can anticipate reduced heating costs, fewer emergency repairs, and a more pleasant house if you adhere to the suggested timetable.

Think About Changing Your HVAC System

Was the installation of your furnace more than ten years ago? If that’s the case, its efficiency may only be 60%, and its lifetime would be becoming shorter every year. If you replace your furnace this year, you’ll benefit from decreased heating costs, improved dependability, and extended warranty coverage. Alternatively, you may wait for a complete system failure and deal with an emergency replacement. With up to 97% efficiency, high-efficiency versions offer an instant boost when it comes to your next electricity bill.

Seek Expert Assistance

HVAC maintenance is not something that you can do on your own. Instead of struggling to do it on your own, it is worth to seek expert assistance. When you will be able to get much-needed assistance with maintaining your HVAC system and keeping it running throughout winter months.

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