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Albuquerque Sewer Backup Common Causes

Albuquerque Sewer Backup Common Causes

You never want to deal with an Albuquerque sewer backup at your home. It can lead you to some major issues. For example, a sewer backup can destroy the inside of your home, disrupt your schedule, and make you frustrated.

If you are aware of the root causes of these problems, you may be able to prevent a sewage line blockage and its accompanying sewer backup inside your home. If there is already a problem with your main sewage line, you should continue reading. We will share how you will be able to overcome a sewer backup.

Dealing with drain clogs

Your sewage line may clog just as your pipes. Since sewer lines often have a greater diameter than your other pipes, it typically takes more waste or debris to block a sewer line than it does a pipe.  If your home has several blocked drains or strange draining issues (such as your bathtub filling with water whenever your washer empties! ), you may have a sewer backup.

You can follow these tips to avoid sewer backups:

  • Being careful about what you flush down the toilet.
  • Using good judgment while disposing of items in the trash disposal.
  • Avoid flushing fat or grease down the drain.
  • Night and Day Calling plumbing to clean drains professionally.

Collapsed or broken sewer lines

If you are living in an older home, your sewer line would be made out of cast-iron or clay. In such a situation, a collapsed or broken sewer line can lead you to a sewer backup. With the modern plastic or PVC pipes, it is far less common to have a damaged or collapsed line. Since they do not decay nearly as rapidly, residences that have them installed often have less sewage issues. Call us right away for sewage repair if your sewer line is damaged or collapsed.

Damage caused by tree roots

Two issues with your sewage line that may potentially result in sewer backups in your house are brought on by tree roots. Your sewage line may get infected by tree roots, which will obstruct it severely. Additionally, they may encircle the line and finally crush a portion of it.

It’s not necessary for the tree to cross the line exactly. Even so, it may not be in your yard. The majority of trees have substantial root systems in addition to their branch systems. Simply because you don’t have a tree doesn’t mean it isn’t to blame for your sewer issue. If your sewer does have roots, we can get rid of them with professional sewage cleaning in Albuquerque.

If you are already dealing with a sewer line backup, you need to contact a professional plumbing company like the pros at Day & Night Plumbing as soon as possible. Otherwise, you will make things worse. Contact an expert and you will never have to end up with any challenges at the end of the day.



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