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Albuquerque Home Water Damage Facts Every Homeowner Should Know Albuquerque

Albuquerque Home Water Damage Facts Every Homeowner Should Know Albuquerque by Day & Night Plumbing, Heating and Cooling

It’s not just water damage that can be scary, but also the repair process. How much does it cost to replace damaged floors and walls? You don’t want to find out after a flood has occurred!

The two words all homeowner fears are “water” and “leak.” We all know what both entails. Thankfully there is more than one way to prevent these horrors from happening by following some simple guidelines which we will now discuss.

Fix It Fast!

The saying “Water, water everywhere but not a drop to drink” is an old English folk rhyme that people still sing today. Unfortunately, this also applies to your home – if you don’t deal with the problem of flooding quickly enough, the damage can mount up very rapidly.

The longer these problems go untreated, the worse the overall condition of our homes become. This can result in many complicated repairs that may have been a lot simpler to deal with if we’d acted earlier.

Calling a professional restoration company to remove water is the best course of action because they have the right tools to deal with the issue.   

Depending on where the damage is located, they may have to cut into various structures to assess the level of damage. You may also require an electrician if wiring is involved. If you don’t contact a professional, lethal green mold could grow quickly causing health issues and a larger bill for removing/restoring everything.

The Cost of Repairing Water Damage

When you think of all the damage and the health issues that could result from mold, repairing water-damaged homes is not cheap. Often, the process to remove standing water comes with a separate expense that can total over $2,000, while our disaster recovery cost estimators say remedial work could add an additional $1,796 to the bill. This price varies based on how much moisture was able sneak into your foundation, as well as its size.

In addition, the longer the water is present and not dealt with directly, the higher the costs to repair.

Common Causes of Water Damage And Standing Water

Floods, burst pipes and leaky roofs are the most obvious causes of standing water. There are other causes that homeowners may find a surprise, such as:

  • A failed bathtub seal or toilet
  • A blocked drainage pipe in which case you’ll need professional help right away!
  • The foundation going AWOL (it’s gone missing) due either to improper grading on your property, or even just heavy floods
  • Improperly installed irrigation system – again something only an expert will know how fix.

Methods to Follow to Remove Standing Water

The process of removing standing water largely depends on the cause. If a storm caused it, you may have to wait until all the excess water recedes before getting started with repairs or clean-up. Keep in mind that there could be overtime fees if this occurs during non-business hours!

On top of hidden hazards such as live electricity and other dangers, there is a health risk due to mold and standing water stagnant puddles. It’s not worth taking any chances when so many easier solutions exist (including hiring an experienced professional).

Water Damage Restoration Process

The first step in repairing water damage is to remove all the moisture. The professionals will use pumps, vacuum cleaners, or other tools to remove excess water, so your home can be safely dried out and mold growth prevented.

Once the area is completely dried out, your restoration company will check all walls to see how far the damage has gone. They might need to replace some drywall and insulation. If foundation problems do arise, those are usually easy fixes too and your restoration company expert will make sure everything’s taken care of.

Preventing Water Damage

It’s easy to prevent obvious water damage in a home, but sometimes it just can’t be helped. The odds of you experiencing an event can be higher due to your location. If you happen to be close to rivers or harbor areas, these often experience flooding after storms. Making sure that all debris has been removed from gutters and cracks fixed on foundations will reduce the likelihood of water damage. Of course, one should always take care when severe weather strikes so as not to put yourself at risk for more costly repairs later down the line.

Install window well covers if there aren’t any already installed (they help keep windows free from ice). Position downspouts away from walls where possible, instead of putting them next to foundations as they absorb moisture through expansion & contraction over time.

Let cold water drip from your faucet every now and then in summer. You should also seal up any cracks where cold could potentially seep in or check how well you’ve secured the roof since they’re prone to leaking as well too!

Make sure that HVAC equipment like air conditioners are operating fine by checking them at least once per month in summer time, and don’t forget to try and avoid exposing pipes to subfreezing temperatures.

In Summary

If any of these tasks bring up issues, make sure you call a pro right away. A quick visit from a pro could save thousands!

Despite floods seeming like the worst thing imaginable, knowing how you can prevent floods and what steps the pros will be taking once there has been one should help ease your mind.

Remember, the longer you wait to fix water damage, the worse the overall damage will be. There’s nothing like the peace of mind you get from putting your faith in the hands of a dedicated professional!

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