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Albuquerque Drain Clog Solutions – How to Prevent them with Six Basic Strategies – Part Two

Albuquerque Drain Clog Solutions - How to Prevent them with Six Basic Strategies – Part Two
Albuquerque Drain Clog Solutions – How to Prevent them with Six Basic Strategies – Part Two

Remember our earlier tips for a clog-free drain? Turns out, we had too many for just one blog post. So, here’s part two!

When it comes to unclogging drains, there’s a lot to know. Previously, we shared some quick tricks to try right away. Now, we focus on the long game. Our top tips for reliable, low-maintenance plumbing. Stick with these habits, and you’ll hardly ever see a blocked drain. Your plumbing gets an upgrade, too!

Want to redo that food waste, not just trash it?

Compost Food Scraps

Composting means turning things like leftover food, dead leaves, and coffee grounds into dirt. Mother Nature’s way of recycling, really. It’s good for the planet, obviously. But it’s also a cool way to keep your garbage disposal ding-dong.

Plus, if you have a green thumb, compost is for you. It’s an all-natural plant booster. Your plants will get vital nutrients while promoting good bacteria and fungi.

Let’s look at it another way. Composting = Less work for your disposal. Sea of garbage disposals? They can get overwhelmed. Overdoing it can land you with a blocked kitchen sink. Worse yet, your disposal might quit for good.

Composting lightens the load on your disposal. It’s like giving your disposal a holiday. Plus, it’s a hat tip to our beautiful Earth. So why not?

Watch What Goes Down

Believe it or not, toilet drains aren’t as tough as we think. Things like tissues, wet wipes, paper towels, and heaps of toilet paper can clog a toilet fast. And guess what? Those clogs can torment water treatment plants too, like those in Albuquerque, NM.

Some folks develop bad flushing habits, tossing things in the toilet that shouldn’t be there. Properly get rid of bathroom trash and ask others in your household to do so as well. Sure, that conversation might be a bit weird, but trust us – it’s better to have it.

Soaps That Clog Drains

Classic bar soap is secretly faster at clogging drains! Soap, in general, builds up on pipe walls, especially without a water softener. Bar soap, though? It’s a piece of work. Not only does it leave behind more scummy residue, but chunks of it can also journey down the drain.

These camouflaged chunks team up with the usual suspects – hair, toothpaste, other grime – thickening the layer of sludge in pipes. Annoying, right? We’re not pointing fingers solely at bar soap, but if you replace your soap stations with liquid soap, you might see a happier, streamlined drainage system.

Bathe Pets Outside

Ever thought about what your dog’s hair does to the bathtub drain? Well, wet hair is surprisingly beastly to drains. It gathers, wraps around the drain stopper, or even ventures into the pipe. In there, it acts like a net, trapping debris and gunk. Thick, coarse pet hair is extra stubborn when it comes to cleaning.

Have a furry companion? Try giving them baths outside! Use a hose or a bucket. In the chilly seasons, get a bucket and towels and head to the garage. And if it’s simply too cold outside? Guard your drain with a strainer, cloth, or towel before starting. Need to bathe your pet indoors no matter what? Vacuum the tub meticulously post-bath.

Perform a Regular Drain Flush

Every month, give your drains some treatment. Pour hot water – roughly a tea kettle’s worth – down each of them. Be nice to your pipes. They’ll appreciate the break from grease and grime. Just don’t whack boiling water into your toilet; it’s unnecessary and could hurt the bowl’s linoleum.

For an added boost, sprinkle half a cup of baking soda into each drain every three to four months. Chase it with half a cup of vinegar. Wait a minute, then add boiling water. This combo clears, deodorizes, and gets rid of baby clogs.

Soft Water, Happy Pipes

Ever heard of hard water? It’s got sneaky minerals like limestone and magnesium. When they party with your soap, they leave behind an unwanted guest: scale (a.k.a. soap scum). A chalky residue that collects in sinks, showers, and drains. Scale is a clog contributor and loves to corrode your pipes. Not cool.

How to outsmart this slippery foe? Water softeners! With salt or potassium chloride, these fighters will show scale the door. If you don’t have a water softener, investing in one may seriously boost the life of your plumbing. Master your water softener skills for a clog-free home and happy appliances.

All in all, our plumbing systems need some tender loving care. We’ve provided a variety of tips for keeping them in tip-top shape. Flush thoughtfully, opt for liquid soap, and think twice about pet bath times. Follow these suggestions to keep your drains clear. Talk to the people you live with to ensure everyone is on the same page.

Drain Clearing Near Me in Albuquerque

Looking after your pipes and drains is the ticket to a hassle-free home. Fewer problems, less expense, more happiness. That being said, sometimes drains just won’t play nice, even when you follow our tips. Stubborn clogs sneak in. Other plumbing monsters rear their ugly heads. So, what do you do?

Fear not, Albuquerque residents! Day & Night Plumbing is here for you, ready to conquer your Albuquerque drain clogs 24/7. We’ve battled and banished all types of mean, grubbiness-loving clogs–we’ll get yours too.

Remember, a well-cared-for plumbing system is your home’s best friend. Treat it kindly and it’ll work like a charm. So pour hot water, deal with hard water, reach out for help if needed, and enjoy a smooth-sailing, clog-free life.

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