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Albuquerque Clogged Drain? Hydro Jetting can be the Answer

Albuquerque Clogged Drain Hydro Jetting can Be the Answer

Do your drains clog often or run slowly? If a backup results in a flood in your house, hydro-jetting can be the solution you’ve been looking for. It will solve your problems and save thousands of dollars in possible water damage.

What exactly is hydro jetting?

Some drain blockages can be quickly and easily resolved with a plunger or augur. But if your plumbing problems include many fixtures or recur often after being resolved, you could have drains with extensive grease buildup, roots, or corrosion. This is where you need to go ahead with a more effective solution such as hydro jetting.

Your pipes will be thoroughly cleaned by hydro jetting with water pressure of up to 4,000 psi. This is a great method to get rid of years’ worth of greasy waste and particle accumulation.

Why is hydro jetting beneficial?

With older cast iron pipes, buildup is exacerbated by corrosion and decay that develop over time, which results in pipes losing capacity as the corrosion and buildup have an effect on their interior diameter.  Cast iron is more prone to get blocked with extra waste, such as wipes or paper towels, as it corrodes because it becomes very rough and restricted.  By hydro-jetting the line, the accumulated oil and rust can be eliminated, restoring the drainage capacity of your drains, and giving them a cleaner, smoother surface.

Back-ups can also often be caused by roots in a drain line, which are sometimes impossible to remove with typical drain cable equipment. The roots and all the muck and debris that usually accompany them can be removed with a hydro-jetter. When the drain is removed, a video examination will be possible to assess the degree of the pipe damage where the roots entered. In certain instances, the damage can be small, and the pipe can still be coated correctly to keep roots out in the future.

If the extend of the damage to your pipes is too much, you will no longer be able to go ahead with lining. Instead, you will need to dig up the pipes and repair them. Then you will be able to prevent future back-ups that can take place.

Contact an expert for your Albuquerque hydro jetting drain clog cleaning needs!

Hydro jetting will allow you to do a video inspection of your pipes and address all the issues that you have. If there is a need to go ahead with repairs, hydro jetting can help you with it as well. Feel free to contact us for all your hydro jetting needs. Day and Night Plumbing will provide you with an estimate, come to your location, and always offer a top-notch hydro-jetting drain clog cleaning service.

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