bathroom remodeling

Summer Savings on Bathroom Projects

The Summer is a great time to get bathroom projects done. This month we have some great savings to start your bathroom remodel done. If you are working on a bathroom, you should be considering a tankless water heater as one of your next upgrades. On demand hot water and energy efficiency make these space-saving appliances a must have in your pursuit of a hot shower or bath.

Everybody loves a hot bath

Install a new Navien NPE-210S  Tankless Water Heater
Rebate eligible, starting at $3200.00 plus tax
(includes Navien peak flow)

I Need a New Toilet!

We’ve all been there. You’ve had it with your toilet. If it’s time to replace your throne, we can start here with a great toilet ready to be installed.

ProFlo elongated white toilet
375.00 + tax

– rebate eligible-

per toilet includes disposal of old toilets.

ProFlo elougated white toilet