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Swamp Cooler

Evaporative Coolers (also known as “Swamp Coolers”)

At Day and Night Plumbing, we offer evaporative cooler maintenance, start-up, repair, installation, and shut-down services.

Evaporative coolers are an energy efficient way of cooling your home. Generally, it is considered the most affordable cooling choice, as opposed to a refrigerated air conditioning system. Many home buyers who are not from New Mexico do not know what an evaporative cooler is or what the differences are when comparing it to a refrigerated air conditioning system.

How an Evaporative Cooler (“Swamp Cooler”) works:

  • An evaporative cooler is a large steel box containing a motor and a turbine. The motor is used to turn the turbine and draw air into the unit.
  • An evaporative cooler works by drawing exterior air into the unit through pads soaked with water.
  • The air is cooled through evaporation (hence the name “evaporative cooler”), and the cooled air is then forced into the property.

Evaporative coolers work well in dryer climates, like Albuquerque, New Mexico. They are easy to fix, easy to install, and have lower operating costs than traditional refrigerated air conditioning systems because they use less electricity.

We highly recommend considering a High Efficiency Evaporative Cooler, if you don’t already have one. Rebates are available through the PNM Cooling Program to help reduce the cost for residential customers to purchase and install certain energy-efficient cooling equipment in their homes. Day and Night Plumbing can assist you in determining the right high efficiency cooling unit that will meet your needs and qualify for one of the rebates offered by PNM.

Got evaporative cooler (“swamp cooler”) questions? We have the answers! Please give us a call with any evaporative cooler questions.


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