AC Conversion 101 - Air Conditioners

AC Conversions 101

Refrigerated Air Conditioner Conversions

Have you finally had it with your swamp cooler or out-dated inefficient air conditioner. Summers are getting hotter and with the monsoons, your swamp cooler isn’t doing the job anymore.




air conditioning change overFirst and foremost, find a qualified contractor that you can trust. You don’t have to take our word for it, our reviews speak for themselves. We’ll visit your home and put together an estimate based on the right equipment for your home, your budget and the need we are trying to solve. Costs vary depending on the kinds of equipment you buy and how much duct work is going to be needed to make the new system compatible with your home.



  1. Find a qualified contractor
  2. Find the right AC unit for your home
  3. Don’t spend another Summer waiting to cool down…
  4. Find out how much duct work needs to be done to covert from your evaporative cooler
  5. Schedule your installation date
  6. Enjoy the cool air confidence of refrigerated air