Hot Summer, Cooling Solutions

Summer Cooling Trends

The Summer is off to a hot start. The wish for rain is a trade off. It’s been hot enough to test any refrigerated air system, but dry enough to really get the benefits of your evaporative cooler. But, what about monsoon season? The climate trend continues to show New Mexico’s hottest days are late June and July, with rains coming late July and August. And we have been seeing the heat staying through September. That’s a lot of hot months, making climate control for your home and business a must.




Trending towards Refrigerated


Evaporative coolers are very effective in the climate of the Southwest. As long as it stays dry. But, steamy, rainy days have more and more people converting their home to refrigerated air. Now there are more and more energy efficient models.



Trade Offs


If we are starting with an evaporative cooler, you first consideration is to install fresh pads. Make certain the proper amount of water is saturating your pads optimally. And finally, make certain the fan has enough output to cool the whole house. If you know that these things are compromised on your machine, then we need to start having a conversation on what you want to replace it with. Costs are always going to be a factor in helping you decide. You may choose to upgrade to something like a new Mastercool Evaporative Cooler.  There are PNM Rebates for a variety of coolers to help offset your costs.

Here is more information on cost expectations from PNM


Refrigerated units tend to be more expensive to install and they almost always are more expensive to run. PNM incentivises you to buy energy efficient equipment. Find out more about what is available by visiting our rebates page.



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