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Cooler Change Over or Time for a New Unit?

Evaporative Cooler Change Over

Now is the time of year that you start thinking about switching from your air cooler back over to heat. Schedule now and get on our Fall Calendar. The end of season is a good time for you to evaluate your swamp cooler and decide if it is time to be replaced. Some key indicators that you may want to upgrade your evaporative cooler unit to a newer model or convert to refrigerated air.


Install a new cooler!

There are a few things to look for when you are deciding to invest in a new cooling solution:

  • Does the unit show signs of rust and wear? Has the rust compromised the structure or the pan?
  • Is the unit noisy, rattly or is the motor showing signs of distress?
  • Is the air flow through your home not sufficient to cool it effectively?
  • Do you dread the rainy season because you lose all cooling capacity?

Explore your options with us. Day and Night Cooling will help you evaluate your equipment and give you an estimate that fits the needs of your home.


Big roof top air conditioning unit installation

New Mastercool Unit w/ 12 inch pads $2,200 +tax

Starting at $2,200 plus tax we’ll install a new Mastercool evaporative cooler with 12 inch pads, digital thermostat and end cover.

– rebate eligible-

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