Balloons in the Air, It must be Fall

And Autumn means it’s time to change over from your evaporative cooler to your furnace.

Welcome to Fall. The cooler temperatures feel great, but cold comes quickly so it’s best to make sure your furnace gets inspected as the seasons change.

While it’s been a warm, even hot end of Summer, Albuquerque sits at some altitude. Even the river valley is still more than 4000 feet. And the foothills top a mile high. All this to say, it gets cold fast! So you want to be ready.

Check you air filter to make sure it’s clean. This should be done on a regular basis. It depends on your unit. Your Furnace has delicate parts inside and the filter protects them from corrosion and build up. Check with your Day and Night technician to determine how often you need to be changing them. We will always recommend a change during a seasonal service.

Now is also a good time to flush your hot water heater. You would be amazed at what we see come out of there.

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