Holidays and Houseguests – Tips from the Plumber’s Desk

  • Garbage Disposal Basics
  • Honey, Where’s the plunger?
  • Did you just drain the ham fat down the sink?
  • Keep our number handy



Do you find yourself serving Easter dinner this year? Is everyone coming to your house?

Here are a few helpful hints from the plumber’s perspective. We have put together a few common mistakes that end up as a service call that never should’ve been. 

  1. Common dishes include brussel sprouts, green beans, potatoes. Naturally we think, “I can just put these down the garbage disposal”. Fibrous vegetable trimmings, peels, including onion peel, lemons and limes are best put into the compost or disposed of in the garbage. People have a tendency to stuff these items into the disposal and hit the button. This often results in the disposal getting jammed or the drain pipe getting clogged. 
  2. The second thing to consider is the Sunday Ham. What comes out of the over as a liquid quickly congeals into a solid once dumped down your drain. Treat ham and large roasts like you would bacon and DON’T PUT IT DOWN THE DRAIN. Keep an old coffee can or mason jar around for fat disposal.
  3. If you are having house guests, know in advance that a lot of eating coincides with a lot of bathroom use. Make sure to keep a wastebasket next to the toilet for feminine product disposal and know where your plunger is.
  4. Keep two things handy: Our phone number and your plunger. 974.5797